Also at the press conference in the Bay Area on 2007-08-07, Jonathan Schwartz said, "I'm actually very proud to announce today we're repeating [what we did with UltraSPARC T1] with the UltraSPARC T2. Niagara2's design files and test suites, the specifications for creating the microelectronics will now be available under the GPL license as well." David Yen, Ph.D. added, "... following what we have done with UltraSPARC T1, we are open-sourcing the UltraSPARC T2 technology. We are making immediately available the OpenSPARC T2 Technology Programmer Reference Manual and Microarchitecture Specification to jump-start the developer community. We are also rolling out a [NDA] Developer Beta Program in which we'll provide access to the Verilog RTL design files and the corresponding test suites."

Cosmic Horizon will be there to support not only the OpenSPARC T2 developer community, but also any other SPARC-V9 microprocessor development community. Please refer to "OpenSPARC progress toward FSS" to understand how Cosmic Horizon fits in with OpenSPARC. With the new announcement from Sun, Cosmic Horizon intends to join their OpenSPARC T2 Beta Program and to continue the work described in my blog, switching to OpenSPARC T2 as the guinea pig.