I had an experience with a restaurant in Austin TX USA that I would like to share with this large audience. If you live in or plan to visit Austin, please read. Otherwise, there's not much point.

Please never go to The Hub as long as you live. Here's why.

I spoke with the general manager the day before. He welcomed Austin MLB for American League Championship Series Game 6, starting at 2009-09-25T19:20.

I had my appetizer and we were on the phone between innings trying to get more people with mixed success. We were on the verge of doubling our largest turnout to date (Austin MLB is new). At least one other person was on her way. I had decided on a main course and desert, trying to spend as much money as possible to make it worth The Hub's while, even though I wasn't that hungry. At 21:00, the check came without warning. They felt they didn't have enough people to justify staying open and asked us to leave. The staff claimed that the owner was forcing them to close. It was the 5th inning of a championship game of America's pastime! In another country treatment of baseball with such disregard might be acceptable, but in the United States, this is an outrageous sin.

It's also a foolish business decision. If you have any sense of right and wrong whatsoever, I ask that all reading this, no matter what your interest is, never go to The Hub as long as you live. And please spread the word.